Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jogja Hip Hop Foundation

The Jogja Hip Hop Foundation is made up mainly of three Indonesian crews, Jahanam, Rotra and Marzuki Mohammad aka Kill the Dj who founded the group in 2003.  Hailing from one of Indonesia's artistic and cultural hot beds, (JHF) operates as a community of support for Jogjakarta based Hip Hop crews who use mostly the traditional Javanese language.
These guys take on hard hitting subjects ranging from political corruption to the extremes of wealth and poverty with hooks and wit that fuses global and indigenous trance rhythms, Indonesian pop and Gamelan music, ancient Javanese poetry and literature.
Through their uniquely Indonesian sound they promote Love, Tolerance and Respect.

This is a beautifully shot 7min profile on The Jogja Hip Hop Foundation for Intel's Inside Visual Life campaign. 


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