Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seeds Of Freedom

As the global population continues to swell at a rate of 1.3% a year and fertile farming land gives way to high rises and strip malls, the task of feeding 80 million new people a year becomes an increasingly difficult proposition.

The idea of creating strains of seed that will in theory generate greater yield to farmers and have built in resistance to pests and adverse weather conditions, at the surface seems like a good idea.

Seeds of Freedom helps shed light on what happens when profit is put before life and the idea that large-scale industrial agriculture is the only way by which we can feed the world. This film charts the story of seed from its roots at the heart of traditional, diversity rich farming systems across the world, to being transformed into a powerful commodity, used to monopolize the global food system.            

This is the full length 30min documentary, if you have the time its worth a watch from start to finish.

Produced by The Gaia Foundation and the African Biodiversity Network, in collaboration with MELCA Ethiopia, Navdanya International and GRAIN.


  1. This is a great film. I'm glad that I took time to watch it. Thank you very much for posting.

    Joyce x

  2. Absolutely. Thank you for taking the time to visit the blog and leave us feedback.