Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chew On Life's Big Questions

A couple years ago I picked up this book, SoulPancake, at a local chapters and found myself completely enthralled with what I found inside.  Visually the book is very captivating with its abstract illustrations of make believe characters in colourful worlds of computer designed, water colour and pencil sketched graphics, but it was the content of the book that really captured me.  Its definitely not a story and doesn't have a beginning middle and end, it doesn't even provide answers to life's big questions but rather poses questions and chalanges the readers mind to ask its self creative and philisophical questions. 

You may be asking your self at this point what does this book have to do in any way with film?  Well as film makers and artists you know that inspiration comes from unexpected places.  Some people keep note books full of characters that they create based people they meet.  Some people draw inspiration from other film makers and films.  As soon as I started reading this book all I could see was short films, an endless supply of ideas and concepts for short films.  The vepoch team immediately began writing a script and shooting a short based on a concept from this book.  We hope to have a teaser to share with you shortly, but this is for a future post.

Since discovering this book two years ago, the team that wrote it has turned their idea into a small new media empire.  Of course having Rain Wilson as one of the writers and the chief promoter doesn't hurt.  The book laid the foundation for  The SoulPancake Youtube Channel was soon to follow (tons of good stuff on there).  They now have an hourly show every sunday on the OWN network staring Oprah and Rain.


Here is a little peak inside the book.  

Check it out and join the conversation at  Its all about creativity and sparking the inquisitive part of your mind into action.  

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