Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Urban Farming HK Style


As farm land rapidly gives way to sky-rises, traffic, smog and the general growth of the human race, what plan do we have in place to feed our selves?  Companies like monsanto would argue the solution is to genetically modify everything so that you need less land to produce more food that doesn't spoil as fast.  They would own the patents and profit from every seed planted.  That's definitely one way to go about it.  Is it the only way?  Is there any reason we can't integrate our farm land into our urban planning?   
The concept of eating local food grown in season has been around for a long time, the beginning of time in-fact.  Before we had transit systems to carry bananas from South America to Alaska and refrigeration to keep food from spoiling, it was the only way people ate.  
What if we were able to develop massive sprawling concrete jungles that had farm land built right in?
On a very small scale HK Honey is doing just that, right in the heart of Hong Kong: population 7.07 million.  Its estimated that one third of everything we eat relies on honey bee pollination. 

This info-graphic illustrates why it makes environmental sense to eat local.

Do you live in an urban setting?  Do you grow your own vegetables or herbs?  We would love it if you shared your photos and videos with us so we can share them with the world.  Email us your photos or video links to vepoch@gmail.com or tweet us @vepoch   

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