Saturday, June 1, 2013

From My Mother Tongue

Destruction of the house the orange seeds were taken from (Shiraz).

This 8 minute video is a performance instillation by artist and religious refuge Siamak Fallah, in which he explores his bilingual dreams through experimental painting methods while sleeping in his inner city gallery.
The story of how the orange trees he uses to paint with have survived and multiplied around the world is remarkably similar how the Baha'i faith has survived and flourished around the world despite attempts by the government in the country of its birth to eradicate the relatively new faith. 
In 1979, the house where the Baha'i faith was first revealed in 1844, was destroyed by the revolutionary guard.  Before the destruction took place a few seeds from an orange tree in the courtyard were collected by an American Baha'i and brought back to the U.S.  The children and grand children and great grand children of those original seeds have been shared around the world and much like the Baha'i faith have spread and flourished.
Hopefully this gives you an idea of the significance the saplings Siamak is using for his piece hold for him.  They represent resilience under intense persecution and serve as a connection to his motherland which he will most likely never return to.