Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Music Bed

I just discovered something that I've always needed but just didn't know it. Themusicbed was conceived out of a need by its creators for good quality sound track audio, with out having to spend days scouring the web. What they have come up with is really genius. As their library grows it will only get better.
Its really cool to watch the business of art evolve and morph right in front of our eyes. Artists need to make a living just like everyone else. Increasingly, they are finding new, creative ways of getting there work into the hands of paying customers.
The major record labels that exist today could be non existent tomorrow if they don't find better ways of adapting to changing times. The same applies to the film industry. Major studios are struggling more now than ever, in the history of their existence, to make the profits that they have become accustomed to while small indie producers are finding it easier to get their product to the masses by way of social media and crowed sourcing sites. Who knows what will come next?
Check out what the guys at music bed are doing.  They've got one new user here.


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